Malt Club

Malt Club – 31 May 2009

Hi Jak here,

I would like to give you an insight to the Glengarry Single Malt Club. I have been planning the next Single Malt Club tasting at Glengarry and have settled on showcasing the Bruichladdich First Growth Series. This range is a world first and probably will never be repeated, the 2 I have tried have been magnificent and I eagerly await to try the other 4 in the range of 6 bottlings. More on this tasting as I put my full selection and evening agenda together however make note of the date June 18th, limited spaces.

This year’s whisky tastings have been really special with our first one in March a little late due to my wife Maria and I having twins arrive on February 12th. By the way they are doing really well giving me so much joy and plenty of reasons to celebrate, you know what I mean. The March Malt Club was with Joanne from Bruichladdich who travelled out here for the Dram Fest. She being an Elioch (born and breed on Islay) was able to give some real insights into island life and the Bruichladdich distillery. We were introduced to the Mood series of malts the RocksThe Peat, and the 2001 as well we were very privileged to try the Octomore, the heaviest peated whisky ever made.

April was a visit by Aren Springvoeld from the Highland distillers who very passionately introduced us to Macallan, Highland Park and Laphroig. And in May we had David Hoyle from Vintage show us the Bowmore range. This was a big lineup and some beautiful whiskies which went down very well.

Each month I will attempt to come up with an exciting rage and a few surprises. I have Michael Fraser-Milne coming up from Christchurch to present a selection from the North and together we are working on a food matching with whisky night.

I don’t expect many visitors from Scotland this year as they all used up their budgets attending Dramfest but I will keep trying to get some notable speakers. We have been very fortunate over the last few years to have had the likes of Jim McEwan (Bruichladdich) Andrew Gray (Bruichladdich) Alex Bruce (Adelphi) Fred Laing (Mathew Laing and Co.) Colin Scott (Chivas ) Billy Moore (Benraich) all from Scotland.

I hope to see you along soon and keep up with what’s new by following my posts here.