Allan Scott Visit

Allan Scott Marlborough 2012

The Marlborough Trip in April was marred by a day of rain which had the wineries worried for sure. It didn’t stop me though and my visit to Allan Scott Winery was a treat having lunch with family.

It was stright into a tasting of methodes and Pinots. I was most impressed by the methode from both Central and Marlborough and these will be well received I’m sure when they are finished.

But one highlight was to try the 3 different clones of Pinot Noir that you can buy in a special pack called the Clone Wars. These central Pinots under the Scott Base label are big and gutsy in style and excellent value. I hope to get some of these packs for us to treat you with and they will make a great Pinot Club night theme. Josh Scott toured me around the winery, everyone was busy preparing for vintage. I noticed some large Puncheons that had just arrived and these 500 gal. babies are being used a lot at this winery. The larger Barrel would impart less oakiness I would say.

Luckily the weather abated and the 2012 harvest has been fantastic and some great quality wines are to be expected from the region this year.