Bruichladdich Releases 10 Year Old

The First Bruichladdich 10 Yr Old Whisky

From the first whisky distilled by the new owners in 2001 finally we have a new pure 10 year old whisky. And its a cracker as was unanimously agreed by 50 of us as we celebrated its first showing at the Glengarry Single Malt Club night. We were fortunate to have two Scottsman from Bruichladdich to present this to us alongside a great line up of other B’laddie drams. Douglas Taylor and David Keir were here to promote the distilleries offerings at the Dramfest held in Christchurch last weekend. They were delighted to be able to share their Whiskies with our club and we were treated with Videos from the owners and Master distiller Jim McEwan and some wonderful stories from Islay.

The Organic Malt was well recieved and showed up really well for a young Malt with beautiful citrussy aromas and floral notes on the nose, a delicate and fine whisky with virtually no peating but a definite taste of Barley in there.

The lineup was extensive including Islay Barley 2004, a 12 Year old, a Rum finished 17 yr old, a Fino Olloroso 1998, and the other special treat the PC 9 !!

I will finish off the tasting notes when I have downloaded a few pictures…

More Soon…