MacKinlay’s Shackleton Story

It has arrived the stunning re-creation of the original malt shipped to Antarctica in 1907 by Shackleton to fortify his “Nimrod” expedition.


Adandoned to the Antarctic winter in early 1909, three wooden cases of this fine MacKinlay’s malt, originally distilled at Glen Mhor Distillery in Inverness, were buried in the ice beneath Ernest Shackleton’s hut. Unearthed a century later by the New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust, in 2010 a single crate was flown to Canterbury museum in Christchurch, for conservation. From here 2 bottles were loaned (since returned) to Whyte and McKay the owners of MacKinlay’s to analyse and re-create.

The task was performed by no other than the legendary Richard Paterson of Dalmore.

The first sampling in New Zealand will be Thursday 28th February at Glengarry Victoria Park were we will explore the components including another Rare whisky from Glen Mhor before the unveiling of this replica MacKinlay’s.


Come join us to sample a whisky heralded as a gift from heaven for whisky lovers.


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Stock will be in store next week, a real collectable Whisky.



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