Dining out in Bordeaux

Dinners in Bordeaux have always been something of a two sided match for me; on one side, the wonderful trade dinners at the glorious Chateaux, then there’s the meals in the city itself, which until recently have been somewhat lacking. Maybe it’s just that I was looking in all the wrong places? That is until recently. We’ve now got a small repertoire of lovely places in Bordeaux and as it’s something I’m often asked for recommendations on – a blog post it’s become.

Top of the list would have to be L’univerre the wine list here is reason enough to visit. Quite superb.

Miles follows closely behind in the centre of Bordeaux; from the outside you will wonder if you’ve arrived at the right place. Inside, there’s an open kitchen and a minimalist yet appropriate setting. There’s usually two settings per evening, booking is essential. The menu is the Chef’s creation; fresh, seasonal and experimental. We’ve now had two meals here and can’t wait to go back. As for the wine list, it’s not that extensive, but is well chosen. There’s something to be said for quality over quantity.

These would be my two picks in the centre of Bordeaux.

In the Medoc, there’s a little gem at Labarde called La Gare Gourmande. A small restaurant, it’s also wise to book here. It’s a regular spot for those in the wine trade driving up and down from Bordeaux to the Chateaux and is stunning. A seasonal menu that changes daily, with an excellent selection of Bordeaux.

If heading to Sauternes, the best place to stop is Auberge Les Vignes the menu is classic with a few twists and there’s plenty of White Bordeaux and it’d be rude not to start with a youthful glass of chilled Sauternes.

Enjoy this list and if you’ve got some great places you’ve found, do share, we’ll add them to the list.