12 Nov

Krug at Glengarry

It’s often said that you never forget the first time you try Krug and until I tried Krug, I must admit I’d always dismissed this statement. It was shortly after I started with Glengarry, we had a visit from Olivier Krug and we hosted him in the cellar at Jervois Road. There’s not many better ways to be introduced to Krug. It’s a breath-taking and unique expression that you’ll never forget and you will certainly always remember the first time you try it. This week I was lucky enough to taste Krug again when we hosted an extensive Krug tasting including two wines from the legendary 2002 vintage.

There’s just so much to talk about with Krug, Regan our Fine Wine consultant at Victoria Park did a great job hosting and presenting the tasting. We started with Krug Grande Cuvee, then onto the Rose. The Rose a relatively new wine for Krug and one that was made in secret until finally the family plucked up the courage to present the new project to their father who quickly acclaimed it was all over; someone had been able to copy Krug.

In the middle of the tasting was a mini vertical of Krug Vintage, 2000, followed by 2003 then 2002. Why that order? That’s the order that the wines were released in. There’s been a few times I can recall when Krug have done this, preferring to release the wines when ready, rather than necessarily sequential. Whilst there’s a lot of hype about the 2002 (more on that shortly), the 2003 once again took my breath away. I’ve been fortunate enough to taste this many times. 2003 was very hot year in Europe, I recall it well, I was in Bulgaria at the time with another passion of mine, gymnastics and it was certainly very warm. There are not too many champagnes made from the 2003 vintage, when Krug announced they were making one, there was many a raised eyebrow. Krug 2003 is a brilliant wine, in quality and in its unique personality, I can’t wait until the next time I try it.

Onto the 2002 wines. As expected, a sensational vintage and Krug 2002 does not disappoint. Right now though it’s far too young and showing a mere glimpse of what it will be. The final wine of the night was also from the 2002 vintage, Krug Clos du Mesnil 2002. I’m not often speechless, but this wine stopped me in my tracks, what a complete wine. Made 100% from Chardonnay from the walled (clos) vineyard of Mesnil, it was simply sublime.

An excellent tasting and unique opportunity to try all but one of the wines of Krug in one tasting.