20 Apr

The Naked Hop: A Sit Down With Andrew Childs

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A Sit Down With… Andrew Childs

He’s the tall bloke at every beer fest. He’s the jovial, pun-loving dude responsible for some of the funniest beer labels on the shelf. He’s the behemoth behind Behemoth. He is, of course, Andrew Childs. We asked Andrew a few probing questions:

To what degree do you think Behemoth Brewing Company reflects your personality and sense of humour?
Pretty much entirely. I’m a pretty laid back person who likes taking the piss out of things and making them fun. So really the beers, the labels and marketing are all things that I find fun or funny.
What’s the biggest success you’ve had in your brewing career? Biggest fudge-up?
Biggest success is hard to say, there have been quite a few. I am really proud of the beers we have come out with, but picking up medals, awards and trophies is always really nice. Most recently, we’re really stoked at getting 13 places in the GABS hottest 100 NZ beers. But we are always looking to improve and do better every year.
Biggest Fudge up. Well there have been a couple. We had to dump a really big batch of beer a couple of years ago as it was not perfect. That hurts but all brewing companies experience it and it is better than letting customers drink beer you’re not happy with.


Has your approach to the beer industry changed over the course of your brewing career? How?
I guess it has. We started out doing simple (but pretty hop forward) mainly pale ales. But we’ve had the chance to really push the boat out with some of our beers, being big and hoppy, big stouts, sours, hazy IPAs, lots of beers with a fruit element. I guess it has changed a lot and will continue to change as Behemoth evolves.


If someone gave you the keys to any other brewery/brewing company and said “It’s yours now, do what you want with it” which brewery/brewing company would you like it to be? Why?
Wow, that is a crazy question. I am lucky that I’m really happy with the beers we do and that direction (although we would love to start playing with barrel aged beers soon). But in terms of the brewery I would love to own. The most impressive Brewery I have ever been to is Lagunitas in California. They may be owned by Heineken now but damn I would love to brew a lot of beer on their giant kit.


What’s your favourite beer that you have ever made? Why?
I don’t ask you who your favourite child is… I guess I would have to say Chur Pale Ale because that gave us Churly our mascot. But in more recent times it is Lid Ripper Hazy IPA. We are keeping that on pretty much permanently but have a lot more hazy IPA’s in the pipeline because I love drinking them so damn much.


Bonus Question: Is there anything in particular you’d like to say?
Yep, everyone drink more beer and support locally owned brewers. Also fresh is best. Drink hoppy beer as fresh as humanly possible.

Chesney McDonald