28 Apr

Spiritual Guide: Thomson Whisky

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Home Grown: Thomson Whisky

In a market dominated by the Scots and Irish globally, it was about time for us Kiwis to dabble in the world of whisky. And why not?! We have shown that we’ve all but conquered the Wine and Beer world so let’s take a crack at Whisky and not forgetting the rest of the spirits (more to come in future editions).

And who better to do it than Thomson Whisky.

They started off small, buying barrels from the old Willowbank Distillery in Dunedin and got their name out there by word of mouth and it took off from there. Like all good things it takes time whisky especially Thomson’s were patient and persistent and it’s paid off.

From their Manuka Smoke Single Malt to the 23 year old, Thomson’s are producing award winners taking the Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition in multiple years and more recently Silver Outstanding Medal at the International Wine and Spirit Competition, let’s just say you’ve got to be quick to get your hands on these small parcels.

After entering the worldwide platform of such a “tricky” market, Thomson’s have proven themselves as ones to watch. After the success of whisky production, both locally and internationally, they have entered the Gin World with “Victor” – a heavy botanical style craft gin; with its striking label will no doubt become a Kiwi classic in no time.

Check out the impressive range in store at your local Glengarry or online.

Scott Wilson