08 May

En Primeur 2017 – Clos la Madeleine

Today’s En Primeur offer centres around a collection of wines that are all owned or exclusive to the right bank Negociant JP Moueix. Glengarry are very proud of our long relationship with this Negociant, visiting there is definitely a highlight of En Primeur tasting visits. Not all of their wines are represented in the offer below, they are usually released in 2 – 3 different sets, this the first of them. Included in the offer is a new addition, Clos la Madeleine, well worth a look at.

Clos la Madeleine is a new property for the Moueix family, the sale finalised on the 25th September 2017. Whilst the sale was not finalised until after the fruit for this vintage was picked, the process to purchase anything in France is as you can imagine, rather lengthy and there had been cooperation in the vineyard prior to the final papers being received. In fact, the vinicultural team from Moueix were in the vineyards from August. This is a tiny property, a mere 2.3ha situated across the road from Chateau Belair Monange. The soil profile is clay on limestone. This wine was definitely a stand out for me this year and when you consider how little involvement the talented Moueix team had in the 2017, it’s easy to see why they purchased this, the future for this Chateau is very bright.

Clos la Madeleine 2017

A tiny property and the first release via JP Moueix as a distributor, stocks are very slight. 76% Merlot and 24% Cabernet Franc, the impressive perfume is the first think that stands out and impresses. A burst of violets, the nose lifted and attractive. The concentration of the fruit is impressive, it’s a rich and ripe wine, just on the edge of being too much so, fortunately the right side of this fine wine. There’s beautiful freshness, balance and a wonderful long length. A wine with a long life ahead of it in the cellar.

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