25 Jun

Vintage Port 2016 – Indent Offer

2016 has been declared a Vintage Port year by an overwhelmingly large number of Port Houses and there is plenty to be very excited about. 2016 is an excellent year for Vintage Port.

The actual declaration of a vintage year is not an official process (the quality status of a year identifying it as good enough to be vintage is). However, the Port producers do seem a little more organised and cohesive than other regions (mind you there is also a fair amount of common family ownership at the top end), resulting in a more analogous approach. Whilst there are often vintages that meet the quality level to be a vintage and houses that seem to release a Vintage Port every year, what is exciting about the 2016 vintage is the breadth of Port Houses that have declared their 2016 and the quality. The last vintage that caused such a stir on the quality front was the 2011 (which the 2016, by all accounts, has surpassed). The last widely declared vintage was in fact the 2000 vintage (the millennium adding incentive to declare no doubt).

You won’t need to wait long for these wines. As soon as they are ready to ship, from July onwards, we intend to do so, with an expectation all will be here in this calendar year.


What is the advantage of buying now? The advantage comes in two forms.

First, price. Up until the end of June, these are available from the Port Houses at an exceptionally good price. These prices will not, in fact, are never offered again. This then a rare opportunity to secure these incredible ports at these prices.

Second, availability. Many of these ports are not generally available in New Zealand. We have secured them for this offer and do not intend on purchasing quantities in excess of the quantities sold. When you consider something like the 100-point scoring Quinta do Noval Nacional, where 176 cases were made of the 2016 vintage, availability is a key advantage to purchasing now.

Timing and key information The prices in this offer are valid to the 30th June 2018. Orders can be placed online www.glengarry.co.nz/portvintage2016 or by contacting the team. Quinta do Noval Nacional is available in very small quantities and may have to be allocated. If allocation of this or other ports are required, we will contact you in early July. It is anticipated that all ports will be delivered to you by the end of 2018.