03 Jul

Rum Runners

For the second Malt Club of June 2018, we took a slightly different turn. A night full of Rum! With no mixers to be seen. An evening tailored to those who truly love the spirit neat, to sip and savour. The tasting room transformed into an aromatic chamber, providing hints of what we were soon to be tasting. Hosted by Tonci Jakicevich, the Operations Manager at Glengarry Wines and yes, as you may have guessed from seeing his last name, he’s family! Jak’s nephew to be exact. So, the passion for spirits is evident and an important quality when hosting a Malt Club!

First off, Tonci took us through how Rum is made – it’s produced through the fermentation and the distillation of the sugar cane, either it’s unprocessed cane juice, processed syrups or molasses and then the spirit goes into a maturation process (Solera or not). A spirit with ‘no rules’ regarding age statements, some may say this is due to the spirit’s history and the establishment’s climate. Tonci then worked through the selection, sharing the history and qualities of each Rum; whilst providing space for everyone to discuss and explore.

The styles of each Rum were all so unique and complex; it was a line-up that could have swayed anyone into loving the spirit:
1. Don Papa 7 Year Old
2. Flor de Cana Gran Reserva
3. Angostura Aged 7 Years
4. Mount Gay Rum XO
5. Santiago de Cuba 12 Anos
6. Plantation Jamaica 2002 Vintage Release
7. El Dorado 12 Year Old
8. Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva
9. Gosling’s Family Reserve Old Rum

Bring on the next Rum tasting!