01 Aug

Schloss Vollrads with Dr Rowald Hepp

For Riesling lovers, Saturday’s tasting was a huge treat. We were very lucky to have Dr Rowald Hepp here in Auckland, Managing Director and Chief Winemaker for Schloss Vollrads.

This castle and estate in Germany’s Rheingau is the oldest winery in the world, producing on the same site for an incredible 800 years. The oldest wine left in their cellar is the 1857. The famous German ‘Kabinett’ designation was also created here at Schloss Vollrads in 1716.

They make from ten to fifteen wines depending on vintage conditions, all entirely from Riesling. These have very low levels of alcohol but an abundance of flavours. Rowald is on a month-long world trip and this was his first stop. He mentioned that the line-up of wines in Auckland was the finest he will be doing on the entire trip. The last 3 wines were indeed special and long sold out at the estate. Auslese 2010, Beerenauslese 2010, and the mythical Trockenbeerenausle 2005. Only 266 half bottles were produced with an incredible 280 g/l of natural sugar, this wine will live forever.