03 Mar

Smith & Sheth | A Trans-Pacific Partnership

The first name is likely to be recognisable: Steve Smith MW was instrumental in founding Craggy Range Winery. A few years ago he left to pursue other ventures alongside American billionaire and wine aficionado, Brian Sheth. The pair have made a number of high profile vineyard purchases, including Pyramid Valley and Lowburn Ferry, but these are the special CRU wines from their own personal project.

The concept behind the CRU collection involves Smith & Sheth working as contemporary negociants, combining the 35-plus years of their own skill sets and experience with some of the country’s best growers. Exceptional vineyard parcels have been hand-selected and nurtured and longstanding relationships established with growers and makers. Each wine carries the Maori designation that relates to its whenua origins, and the labels sport an embossed design representing the genome sequences of the grape varieties Smith & Sheth utilize.

These are wines of real class and pedigree, exceptional offerings from their respective sub-regions. This month we celebrate the widest release of the Smith and Sheth CRU wines to date, with Steve Smith presenting tastings at Glengarry Thorndon on March 24 and at Glengarry Takapuna on March 26. To book, go online to glengarry.co.nz/tastings