Castillo Perelada Returns

Spanish Cava Castillo Perelada

When have you sipped on a glass of bubbles and had such a surprise that you could only smile with joy. Such was the feeling when we all tried the new Spanish wine hero in town. Perelada Brut and Rose a Cava with attitude! The Cava that is mostly consumed in Spain has just arrived back in New Zealand after a long absence and it is sure to be here to stay being of such high quality. The Brut is dry and austere with a fresh zingy palate which is quickly gathering a following. But the Rosé wow it is a stunner, big gutsy style with strong rich flavours and big mouth filling richness, this is a rosé that is begging for some tasty cheese or even more stronger tasting foods as it has a lot of body and weight. At the same time very refreshing and a very exciting style of Sparkling Rosé that can only be described as really great. This is a Glengarry exclusive brought in for your pleasure and great value at $16.90 everyday price and the Brut is on Special this month at $14.90 a steal. Check it in store now or why don’t you order up a mixed case on the web now.

Glengarry Tasting note:

Castillo Perelada Brut Reserva Cava NV

They take cava very seriously in Spain, for not only do they produce and export gazillions of gallons of it, within the dusty borders they’ve been known to knock back a few fizzies themselves. Perelada proudly proclaim that ‘we only add the charisma,’ a testament perhaps to this wine’s pure, clean apple and citrus flavours, or a poorly-translated attempt to articulate sustainability. We don’t care; this rocks and bubbles like the Poly pools and is far less messy.

Castillo Perelada Story

Since its foundation, Castillo Perelada has been recognised for its commitment to quality through the great international popularity of its wines. In the 1960’s, the success in the United Kingdom of what at the time was called ‘Champagne Rosado de Castillo Perelada’ made the sparkling wine producers of the Champagne region in France appeal to the courts to obtain exclusive rights over the use of the name. They won, so the other regions had to look for alternative denominations. In the case of Spain, this gave rise to the Cava D.O. Over the decades the wines of Castillo Perelada have had the honour of being chosen for official banquets of unquestionable historical significance, such as the coronation of King Juan Carlos I, the wedding of the Prince and Princess of Asturias or for the visits from United States presidents Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford