05 Sep


A true Kiwi inspiration story, Parrotdog brewed out of humble beginnings. Starting off as a couple of guys tinkering with a home brew kit in an Aro Valley flat are now recognized as a growing player in the New Zealand craft beer scene. Now based in Wellington’s Lyall Bay Parrotdog have a state-of-the-art custom-built facility. A hop-skip from the beach you can fill your growler from their takeaway and go sit in the sand. Or if it is too windy you can have a brew and a bite at their bar.

Parrotdog are known for their core range of five beer styles that are both delicious and well balanced. Their Flora series tests the limits of IPA as a variety. The more difficult beer to obtain is the RareBird series. These are one-off beers named after native New Zealand birds. Their extinction or rarity make them the stuff of legends.

Available only from the brewery is their Lyall Bay series. Brewed on a pilot kit these beers exemplify a lot more creative license and experimentation. Parrotdog’s business model is built on successful crowd-funding and their annual shareholder offering. This is an opportunity to raise capital to develop and grow the business. It also allows ordinary punters to invest in the success, and story. Parrotdog regularly give back to their community. They often donate beer to art exhibitions, school fundraisers and other community events. Nice.