15 Feb

Introducing Glengarry Spirits

What, for the Jakicevich family, started as a pioneering winemaking venture in West Auckland’s Glengarry Road has, over four generations, developed into New Zealand’s largest family-owned liquor retailer, Glengarry Wines. As New Zealand’s Independent Rulers of Wine Retailing, the Glengarry wine voice is loud and proud, with a reputation for quality and wine knowledge that is recognised well beyond these shores. Wine is our core business; it is who we are, and who we have been for almost 70 years now.

However, standing still is not what we do, not what we’ve ever done, in fact, and so there is a new string to our bow, one that sits comfortably alongside our wine retailing brand: Glengarry Spirits is a stand-alone store, an independent and singular exponent of the finest spirits the world has to offer, located on the Jervois Road site where it all began back in 1945. If you’re into a particular type of music, you could view this venture as separating the alcoholic beverage into its various genres, much as music does, with each genre catering to its own distinct fan-base and associated expertise.

Thus, over there, we’re all about wine, and over here, we’re operating as a Spirit Specialist, with each aspect distinctly separate, but siblings nonetheless, under the Glengarry banner. Glengarry Spirits will be a shopping experience quite unlike any other currently found in New Zealand. Customers will be able to immerse themselves in the world of premium spirits within a specially-crafted space catering solely to the genre, where they will encounter the finest exemplars of each spirit category.

The products on offer will include unique items and rare bottlings, dispensed by a team of expert spirit specialists with useful knowledge to share and interesting stories to tell. As well as functioning as a space to showcase the world of spirits, the Glengarry Spirits store will conduct spirit-related tastings and events, with private functions from seminars to celebrations available to be booked. An exciting array of tastings and events awaits.