28 Jun

Te Mata Estate Alma Pinot Noir 2018

It has been 25 years since Te Mata Estate have launched a new Showcase wine. The excitement and anticipation around the release was evident, with the big question that everyone was asking – what would the varietal be? The bets were on. What would be the variety from Hawke’s Bay to sit up alongside Awatea, Coleraine and Bullnose? I must admit to being a little surprised when it was revealed that it was Pinot Noir and was more staggered when I tasted the wines (though not astonished, as these are Te Mata wines after all). Alma Pinot Noir is excellent and more than worthy of sitting alongside the other wines in the Showcase Collection.

The name Alma honours the maternal side of the Buck family who hailed from Scotland and relates to the battle of Alma during the Crimean War. Dr James Thomson (forefather to Te Mata Estate’s Buck family) was a hero of this battle and awarded a medal for valour. The medal is the insignia on the Alma Pinot Noir label.

Whilst new to the Showcase range, Pinot Noir has been made before under the Te Mata label, all of which was exported. In fact, on hearing of this release and knowing previous Te Mata Pinot Noir, key retailers in the UK asked to buy the whole lot. Philip Brodie, who crafted this wine, has an impressive wide range of experience making Pinot Noir all around the world, and a love of the variety. Add to that experience and passion Te Mata’s determination to produce the very best in their Showcase range, and it’s no surprise that Alma is an excellent wine.

Officially released on the 1st July 2019, we are delighted to be able to offer you an exclusive opportunity to pre-purchase. The quantity available is very limited and in high demand.

Te Mata Alma Pinot Noir 2018
Made from very low yields, which were further reduced through bunch and shoulder thinning. A lot darker in colour than the estate, with more depth to the colour. It’s a brooding wine, dark fruits. There’s a perfume to the wine though it’s not the approachable forward nature of the estate. A seriously concentrated wine with dark cherry, prune and sandalwood in the mid palate. There’s a delightful spicy richness to this wine (there was a very small amount of whole bunch). A bold structure leads through to a persistent finish. 100% French oak, 50% of which was new. A savoury spicy style that if I had to reference to Burgundy (with the intent of indicating style), I’d be talking about Pommard.

Te Mata Estate Pinot Noir 2018
Very perfumed, led by smoke and spice with red fruits behind that. This is an immediately approachable and appealing wine that, unlike the Alma which will require cellaring, is ready to enjoy on release. There is a lovely amount of richness and density to the mid palate, it’s luscious with fine tannins. A long finish with a beautiful structure to it.