19 Jul

Malt Club | Teeling

A visit from Martin Lynch, from Teeling, at our Spirit store on Jervois Road, was a special occasion. The recent award of Single Malt of the Year for their 24-Year-Old was due some celebration and we were lucky to be able to try this, now famous, whiskey. Martin kicked of the night with a run through of the core range, Teeling’s classic whiskeys; Small Batch, Single Grain and Single malt.

A wonderful range showcasing Teeling’s skills in crafting superb and very affordable whiskeys. The Small Batch consists of a blend of 7-Year-Old malt whiskey and 4-Year-Old grain spirit, both aged in ex-bourbon barrels, then finished for 8 months in Nicaraguan rum casks. A deliciously full flavoured drink with sweetness from the rum casks, lovely fruit notes and a little bit of spice, it is a blended Irish whiskey like no other.

In contrast, the Single Grain is bourbon cask aged and finished in red wine cabernet sauvignon casks from Napa Valley. The mash bill is 95% corn and 5% barley, which makes it quite refreshing and wholesome. An approachable whiskey with something for everyone to appreciate, it is a great introduction to grain whiskey.

The third in Teeling’s core range is the Single Malt expression. A blend of sprits from 9 to 23 years old, it is aged in no less the 5 different wine casks, madeira, port, sherry, white Burgundy and cabernet sauvignon. A stunning award-winning whisky. Complex and rich, every sip turning over new flavours. It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the people working at Teeling and is a truly exceptional whiskey.

From there we moved on to the story and history of the Brabazon series, during which we tasted the 2nd edition aged Brabazon, aged in white and ruby port casks.  At 49% ABV – wow – this packed a punch and was a definite favourite. The story of William Brabazon and the Liberties and the great fire of 1875 kept us all enthralled.

The 5th and final release of the Revival Series, a very subtle and fine whiskey, aged 12 years in bourbon and finished in cognac casks for an additional 12 months. This leads to a very enjoyable whiskey with a lot of finesse, driven by smooth and subtle grape flavours with a delicious lingering finish.

The grand finale was the 24-Year-Old and it was worth the wait. Spending 21 years in bourbon casks before being transferred to French sauternes casks for a final 3 years. This whiskey was truly amazing. Crisp and vibrant on the palate with delicious orange and other complex fruit flavours due to its extended maturation in sauternes casks. A hint of peat smoke only elevates it further into a truly exceptional whiskey. We celebrated Teeling’s success with joy and the group were enthralled by this one, with all stock quickly selling out on the night! Thankfully we have since secured a few more since then, but these will go fast!

This was one of the best tastings we have had. Small but excellent and packed minute to minute with this extraordinary whiskey company’s vibrant history. Many thanks to Martin for sharing his knowledge and stories with us that night and we hope to have him, and you, back soon.