09 Sep

Rare Collectable Wines

In what is now an annual series of releases throughout September, the Bordeaux negociants sell what can only be described as the icons of the wine world. We are delighted to be able to offer these wines to you in New Zealand, giving you the broadest coverage of top Fine Wines.

Before we start with this year’s releases, a little background to all this. The Bordeaux negociant system (an open market place for selling wine), has been in place since the early 1600’s. Many of the early Dutch were integral in the creation of Bordeaux, not only draining the swamps but in creating the first negociants. There are hundreds of these companies in Bordeaux responsible for the sale, export and promotion of the wines of Bordeaux all over the world.

There’s been much discussion around En Primeur as to the future of the negociant system, calling it archaic and lacking a place in the modern world of wine sales. Interestingly then, when the top wineries around the world were approached by the leading negociants, they jumped at the opportunity to offer their top wines. The access through their broad worldwide reach to Fine Wine customers was too great to ignore.

The icon wines offered for sale this way are now ONLY available through the negociants on release. In some instances they do become available later, alongside the rest of their ranges, but not at these release prices.

With this now an annual release series, we have decided to offer these wines at special indent prices for ordering through September. These wines are then ready in Bordeaux during October and then shipped.

This is an excellent opportunity to secure some of the very best wines in the world, including some rare collectable wines that have not been seen before in New Zealand.

Through September you can find the current releases to date here on our website www.glengarry.co.nz/rarecollectablefrombordeaux