09 Sep

Four Pillars – a brilliant new addition to the core range

And the little golden statue for the International Gin Producer of the year goes to… Four Pillars Distillery! Well it’s not quite the Oscars, but in the Wine and Spirits world it’s bigger. The International Wine and Spirits Competition is the pinnacle in the drinks business, and to be awarded this top honour in front of your peers from around the globe is a huge achievement.

The award is not just in recognition of a single gin Four Pillars make, but a reflection of their gin business as a whole, from the three co-founders who still find the time to show punters around the distillery to the innovative approach that has delivered the likes of the Christmas Cake and Bloody Shiraz gins. From their sustainable approach to making gin, to the annual Christmas Revue which aims to raise money and awareness for causes close to their hearts.

We can’t possibly not mention the cocktails: the Four Pillars team, led by James Irvine their Creative Director of Gin Drinks, is owning this space. Irvine travels the world raising the Four Pillars profile, creating new cocktails and adding funky twists to local concoctions, all of which they happily share so you can lovingly recreate them at home. My recommendation would be The Bloody Sour, a classic shaken cocktail using the Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz gin that will blow your mind.

Following a year of trials, a new gin has been added to the Four Pillars core range. The Olive Leaf Gin uses 12 botanicals and is the first new core gin in five years. The fresh olive component is stunning. Deliciously savoury, textural and bright, it’s ideal for any martini – Gibson, dirty or dry with a twist. For a longer drink, try it in a Spanish-inspired gintonic with rosemary and lemon.