Jura Single Malt Tasting

Malt Club 24th June – Isle of Jura

Nestled off the west coast of Scotland, the Isle of Jura is a place rich in legend and steeped in good fortune. It’s said there’s ‘No whisky and No island quite like Jura’ Isolated and in a world of its own, on this 7mile wide and 30 mile long island, there’s one road, one hotel and thankfully one exceptional distillery.

Our June Malt Club tasting sees a rare line up of Malts from this tiny Island. I’d like to welcome you to come and explore the mystery that is the Isle of Jura, from her isolation to her mysterious past.

These are beautifully crafted single malts, there’s an array of expressions steeped in tradition, made from the finest malt, pure Jura sprint water and touched by the Atlantic sea breezes. Distinctive from all other Island expressions – “A Highland made on an Island
Here’s the line up for the evening;

  • Isle of Jura 16 year old
  • Isle of Jura Boutique Barrel range Sherry Finish 1993
  • Isle of Jura Superstition
  • Isle of Jura Boutique Barrel range Sherry Finish 1995
  • Isle of Jura Boutique Barrel range Sherry Finish 1999
  • Isle of Jura Prophecy Limited Annual Release Year 1

We have Matt Bradley, Hancocks Spirit Ambassador joining us for the evening to assist me in presenting these stunning whisky’s.

I look forward to seeing you on 24th June