En Primeur 2010 – day two

Ready for another day? We sure were, Phil was very excited, his favourite bank and wines were ahead. Continuing from yesterday’s theme, we started the day in style, at Chateau Palmer. Another very professional well put together presentation. Palmer was very good indeed, evocative – excellent. We also tasted Alter Ego de Palmer, not really a second wine; it has its own vineyards for selection and style. You can clearly tell it’s made in the style of Palmer.

From there we headed to the Union de Grand Cru (UGC) tasting of Margaux at Chateau Lascombe. Fortunately we arrived early – 9.30 at opening time, as we finished the room was exceptionally full. For good reason, Margaux has outperformed in this year. Looking back at my notes now, there are so many highlights – more than any of the UGC tastings on the right bank yesterday. A few are; Brane Cantenac, d’Angeludet, Ferriere, du Tertre, Giscours, Lebagoce, Malescot St Exupery, Marquie de Terme, Monbrisson, Prieure Lichine and Rauzan Segla. All for different reasons. As I type my notes from the tasting, I’ll explain more on why, some for value, and some for pure brilliance.

After the UGC tasting, we joined one of our Negociants for lunch – a nice break and an excellent meal – a mixed platter of cheese, meat and treats. Included in the meal was a delicious scrambled egg with asparagus and smoked duck.

We then headed up to the top of the Medoc – to Cos d’Estournel, we were not quite sure what to expect, as there’s still so much talk in Bordeaux about the unusual 2009 this estate produced. The tasting was excellent (the room incredible) we tasted Goulee by Cos d’Estournel, Pagodes de Cos and Cos d’Estournel. The good news is that Cos has returned to its classic and brilliant style in 2010.

Next was Pichon Baron, an impressive Chateau, here we tasted the properties owned by AXA. First up Tourelles de Longueville 2009, we started with this as a refresher, we have purchased this and it’ll arrive later in 2011. It was excellent as we expected, a very forward style, perfect for drinking now or cellaring for 8 – 10 years. Then onto the 2010 Tourelles, this wine will be offered Primeur this year, a great opportunity to pick up a bargain and get into En Primeur purchasing. Next was Chateau Pibran, not a property that I’ve tried before, it’s been purchased by Axa and is now made by the team at Pichon Baron, depending on price, this offers good value. Next was Pichon Baron, it’s a show stopper, they’ve excelled in 2010, this will be one of the wines of the vintage. We were also treated to the 2009 for comparison. We then tasted S de Suduiraut, a dry white made from Sauvignon and Semillon, tasting a dry white in the middle of this day was a little tricky. Our next wine, Chateau Suduiraut, a little easier, it’s richer than the d’Yquem tasted yesterday, a more luscious round style. Very good.

Although at that stage, it was probably enough for the day, but no, we headed back down to D Aggasac, to taste a range of Cru Bourgeois, an interesting comparison after the day’s wines. A number we’ve stocked for years, good to taste the 2010 and get an idea of the value end.

Tonight we have been invited to the Union de Grand Cru Ban de Millesieme, so best to write this blog prior! I’ve been driving all day – but it’s a taxi tonight!

We have another day tomorrow, starting in style again with Chateau Margaux.