Destiny Bay

Every now and then you come across a little Gem in the wine world and last night when I truly discovered the wines from Destiny Bay was one of those moments. A small group of wine lovers gathered at the Glengarry Tasting room for a weekly wine presentation and we were all keen to try a line up of the highly acclaimed Destiny Bay wines to see for ourselves. Mike Spratt entertained us with the wonderfull story behind this artisan producer and son Sean winemaker ran us through the line up. We started with the Destinae 06 and 07, then on to the Mystae 05, 06, 07 finishing with the top wine Magna Praemia 05,06 ,07 . The biggest line up of their wines tasted ever!

We were all blown away with the purity and delicateness of these wines. They truly lived up to the acclaim with the 06’s being my favourite. Thanks to the Destiny Bay Team for this exclusive opportunity to discover the story and explore your wines.

Sean and Mike Spratt